Dada Mail 9.1.2 Released!

We are happy to announce the availability of v9.1.2 of Dada Mail!


This is mostly a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found in the v9.1.1 release.


Incorrect .htaccess in the dada/extensions directory

There was an errant .htaccess file in the dada/extensions directory, disallowing access to any of the directory contents, including extensions you may have been running. This has been removed!

Mailhide encode sometimes fails with strange input

Sending / Options – “Save For Selected Mailing Lists” button is editable not clickable

This is a very strange, and quite large bug. It basically affects anything where you need an email sent for Profile work: registering, retrieving a new password, etc,

Dada 3 -> 4 utility script was broken

Looks like the following script was not working for v9 of Dada Mail:


This script is still useful, if you’re upgrading from v3 of Dada Mail, are using the SQL backend, and also have profile fields. We’ve updated it to work correctly with v9.

Subscription forms in Dada Mail using JSONP, rather than JSON

Dada Mail’s subscrption forms that you see on the default screen, as well as the list screen’s now use JSONP in the background to do their work. This is to workaround Same Origin Policies, that even effect calls from diffrent subdomains of the same domain (ie: and


Disabling IP Check in List Control Panel sessions

By default, Dada Mail will look at the IP address that a user is said to be logged in from, and compare it to the IP address in the session data. If they do not match, the session will fail, and you will be booted out of the session.

Sometimes, this does not work as expected, so we’ve now allowed you to disable this feature:

In the Installer under, Advanced Configuration, check, Configure Security Options. Then, uncheck the option, Check for Matching IP Addresses. Done!