Important Information on Amazon SES and Dada Mail

Long story short: Upgrade! Amazon AWS is deprecated support for an important part of Amazon SES that Dada Mail relies on. v11.10.3 of Dada Mail and later adds the support for what’s now needed.

v11.10.3 of Dada Mail has just come out, and with it is support for something called Amazon AWS Signature Version 4. Long story short, it’s a … Read the rest

Tracker Enhancements, Better Charts, and Unique Clickthrough/Opens Tracking/Reporting is Back

Rejoice! The Tracker plugin has been given a wonderful refresh. The new chart on the main Tracker screen is now more useful, easier to read, and better designed:

Tracking and reporting unique Opens and Clickthroughs has also been re-implemented, this time using completely anonymous data. When we released v11.0, we removed this ability to comply with the GDPR, as we … Read the rest

Bridge Announcement List and Authorized Senders Enhancements in v11.7.0

Bridge Announcement List and Authorized Senders Enhancements

The Bridge plugin allows you to send messages with Dada Mail through your mail reader without having to log into Dada Mail’s own list control panel – both for Announce-Only, and Discussion Lists,

You can set up a list of Authorized Senders who, along with your List Owner, are allowed to send messages … Read the rest

New in v11.5.0: Send Test Mass Mailings to Multiple Recipients

Test sending out your mass mailing is a great idea to do, before you commit to sending out the message to your entire mailing list.

In past versions, Dada Mail could only send only send a test mass mailing to one email address at one time.

Starting with v11.5.0, Dada Mail can send a test mass mailing to multiple addresses … Read the rest

Enhancing Message Reports in the Tracker Plugin in v11.4.0


The Tracker plugin is a powerful tool that helps you understand how many opens, clickthroughs, unsubscribes, bounces, etc are happening, per mass mailing you send out.

There’s ways to broaden its capabilities, which is the topic of this post.