Dada Mail 9.1.3 Released!

This is mostly a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found in the v9.1.2 release.

Of note were several minor bugs found in the Installer – some of which are documented below, but other small bugs include:

  • Bounce Handler always being enabled to be installed
  • The, “Hide Administration Link” always set, even if the option is not enabled.


Mandrill API support dropped

Mandrill has changed their ToS to disallow bulk mailing, so this service is a bad fit for something like Dada Mail. We’ve removed the API to streamline the underlying codebase.

Amazon SES docs expanded

We love Amazon SES! We’ve updated and expanded the docs to help you better set up Amazon SES in Dada Mail. Docs can be found here:

Ping Test in Sending Options Test for SMTP

We’ve added a simple ping test to see if the host at the port you’ve specified can be reached. Many times, problems sending via SMTP are because the outgoing port on the server Dada Mail is installed on is blocked, rather than the SMTP credentials being wrong, or there’s a bug in Dada Mail. This small enhancement will help clarify where the problem may be.

Added .htaccess file in, “dada” directory

We’ve added a simple .htaccess file in the main dada directory to set the DirectoryIndex to the mail.cgi script. That way, one can just visit,

and will see Dada Mail’s default screen instead of nothing, or the underlying directory structure.


Installer: SQL database port value not being read correctly?

Hide Disabled Screens not working with classic side bar

Installer: SQL database port value not being read correctly?