v11.5.1 Bug Fixes and Welcome Changes

v11.5.1 is mostly a bug fix release – we suggest anyone running a previous version of Dada Mail to upgrade (as always). See the changelog for all details for this release. If you need an upgrade, we’re here for you.

In this post, we’re going to look at a few changes that you may welcome:

Cleanup of backup file/directories

During an upgrade, Dada Mail’s installer makes backups of some of the directories it finds in the, dada_file_support_files directory. If you’ve been running Dada Mail for a while, and have been on top of upgrading, this directory can get filled with more backups than you’d know what to do with. So many, that it can be a pain to have to manually remove the unneeded backups.

Here’s an example:

This screenshot looks into the dada_files_support_files directory via an FTP client, showing 30+ backups of the, “ckeditor” directory! Not good. If we run a du -h on the directory, we’ll find out that all these files take quite a bit of space:

Yikes: about 2 gigs of wasted disk space.

Now, when you upgrade with Dada Mail v11.5.1, only the last 3 backups will be kept, the rest will be removed. Here’s the dada_mail_support_files directory after the upgrade to v11.5.1:

Much cleaner!

And the disk space is down, too:

By about 90%!

Second cool thing to look for are for those running discussion lists that utilize moderation. We’ve made it a little easier to find the list of messages awaiting moderation. Under Plugins/Extensions: Bridge, look for the settings that deal with Moderation. A new button should be visible that allows you to see all the messages that are awaiting moderation:

Clicking this button will bring you to the listing of awaiting messages:

Each row in the able will show the message From and subject, as well as when the message was sent. Four buttons are available, allowing you to approve, deny, delete, or even resend the moderation message to the moderators.

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