Tracker Enhancements, Better Charts, and Unique Clickthrough/Opens Tracking/Reporting is Back

Rejoice! The Tracker plugin has been given a wonderful refresh. The new chart on the main Tracker screen is now more useful, easier to read, and better designed:

Tracking and reporting unique Opens and Clickthroughs has also been re-implemented, this time using completely anonymous data. When we released v11.0, we removed this ability to comply with the GDPR, as we also tracked the email addresses with the opens + clickthroughs. For this version of Dada Mail, we don’t – all this data is tracked without using Personally Identifying Information.

The table below this chart has also been redesigned to show a greater amount of useful information, to help you see just how impactful your mass mailings are.

To see even more data on each individual mass mailing, click the chart icons on the left hand side of each row. Reports on message recipients, opens, clickthroughs, unsubscribes, bounces, sending errors, abuse reports, archive views, and mail forwards will be available to you.

We’ve also updated the chapter for using the Tracker plugin that’s available in the Dada Mail Manual. Access to the Dada Mail Manual is given to Pro Dada Subscribers.

Find out more about the Dada Mail Manual and getting a Pro Dada Subscription.