Testimonial: Biz-comm.com

As a full-service marketing agency, one of my deliverables is providing maillists for my clients, both in a newsletter format and a news/announcement/text format. I was one of the very early subscribers to Dada Mail, more than 15 years ago, if memory serves. I bought a “lifetime” subscription and have installed the program on dozens of sites over the years. My oldest version, still functioning, is 3.3 and I recall updating that one, so best guess is that I owned one of the very first versions.

My preferred method of delivery is to create a responsive web page for the content. For some clients, I have set up an admin back end so they can fill in the content within the framework. For others, I write the content. Once the page is uploaded to server, I (or client) use the “Send a web page” feature in Dada for a clean, easy delivery. The web page is then included in a listing on the client’s website for future review by new visitors.

Over the years, I’ve watched as Dada has grown and grown. The features are very impressive. I really appreciate the database component for the listeroos. Either I didn’t know how to do the mysql feature in the beginning, or it was a later add-on, but I take full advantage of it now and it is a lifesaver for managing the list.

I have run into a few things that were a puzzle, especially when a new version came out, but Justin has always been patient with me and responds immediately.

I have recommended Dada to all my colleagues, on several lists. I am 100% satisfied not only with the program, but with the extreme level of personal customer support when something eludes me.

Thanks, Justin, for your product and for your support.

– Patrice Olivier-Wilson, Biz-comm.com

Testimonial: Orienteering Utah

We’ve been using Dada Mail for several years now to keep our orienteering club members informed about events and other news. For about five years now, Dada Mail has worked flawlessly for us without requiring support. The feature set is robust and meets our modest requirements, yet the product is clearly scalable as our organization membership continues to grow. It integrates well with our Joomla installation and looks nice on our website.

Service from Justin at Dada Mail is superb! He is very responsive. The website is often updated with news and important information about the product. The documentation is clear and easy to read. Sometimes, I watch the videos and read the documentation to make sure that I haven’t missed anything and am using the product to its fullest capacity for our requirements.

– Darren Stanger, Orienteering Utah

Testimonial: Texas State Archery Association

I began writing the newsletters for the Texas State Archery Association in around 1999, transitioning the TSAA from paper & snail mail to electronic emailing, and creating our website at the same time, texasarchery.org . I had to design and maintain a custom relational database of subscribers by hand to support that newsletter function.
So finding Dada Mail, a specific software designed to do all the hard work, a few years ago after searching and trying a variety of similar ‘wares was just incredible to me. The feature set was (and is) just huge! Dada Mail has a *lot* of useful features we can grow with, and I rest easier knowing we are fully compliant with the rules and regs for emailing newsletters. You do not want to expose your non-profit organization to “problems” and Dada Mail covers this base for us quite well.
I’ve done both the install myself, and then also paid the Pro fee for upgrades and things like optimizing sending via Amazon SES. Justin is fast and efficient, and the relief to me in having him “make sure” has been quite a comfort well worth the reasonable fees.
I have to also say that it is almost magic how easy it is to compose, test, and then release newsletters!

Justin is very personable, and a pleasure to work with. It’s hard to say whether the product or customer service is better but very easy to say they both are great.

A.Ron Carmichael, R.Ph.
USA Archery Level IV-NTS Coach
President, Texas State Archery Association

Dada Mail v9.2.2 Released!

Dada Mail v9.2.2 has been released – download and install using the instructions here. Changelog is below:

This is mostly a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found in the v9.2.1 release.


Resetting List Password after incorrect login attempt creates Server Error


Save for Multiple Lists does not work for Sending >> Options


Dada Mail v9.2.1 Released

This is mostly a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found in the v9.2.0 release.

Dada Mail v9.2.1 has been released – download and install using the instructions here. Changelog is below:


This is mostly a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found in the v9.2.0 release.


Default, “Break” email protection does not work on publically viewed archived messages


Plugin: password_protected_directories: Submission redirects to public Dada page


Amazon SES “Verify” will give false negative if email address belongs to a subdomain, and only domain is verified #559


Plugin: password_protected_directories: .htpasswd/.htaccess file not updated via cron


List Control Panel tablet/mobile view does not show a “log out” button, if there is < 2 mailing lists


Sending messages via the List Control Panel does not look for validity in template tags


Dada Mail 9.1.3 Released!

This is mostly a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found in the v9.1.2 release.

Of note were several minor bugs found in the Installer – some of which are documented below, but other small bugs include:

  • Bounce Handler always being enabled to be installed
  • The, “Hide Administration Link” always set, even if the option is not enabled.


Mandrill API support dropped

Mandrill has changed their ToS to disallow bulk mailing, so this service is a bad fit for something like Dada Mail. We’ve removed the API to streamline the underlying codebase.

Amazon SES docs expanded

We love Amazon SES! We’ve updated and expanded the docs to help you better set up Amazon SES in Dada Mail. Docs can be found here:


Ping Test in Sending Options Test for SMTP

We’ve added a simple ping test to see if the host at the port you’ve specified can be reached. Many times, problems sending via SMTP are because the outgoing port on the server Dada Mail is installed on is blocked, rather than the SMTP credentials being wrong, or there’s a bug in Dada Mail. This small enhancement will help clarify where the problem may be.

Added .htaccess file in, “dada” directory

We’ve added a simple .htaccess file in the main dada directory to set the DirectoryIndex to the mail.cgi script. That way, one can just visit,


and will see Dada Mail’s default screen instead of nothing, or the underlying directory structure.


Installer: SQL database port value not being read correctly?


Hide Disabled Screens not working with classic side bar


Installer: SQL database port value not being read correctly?


Screencast: Discussion Lists with Bridge

Still using Mailman for your discussion mailing list? Dada Mail makes administrating a mailing list much, much easier. In this screencast, we’ll show you how easy it is to set up a Discussion List with Dada Mail, on a cPanel hosting account in less than 5 minutes.

Screencast: Upgrade to Dada Mail v9

Learn how you can upgrade your own Dada Mail to version 9! We’ll also go over how you can use the Installer to install additional plugins, such as the Global Configuration plugin, so that making additional, global changes to your Dada Mail configuration is easier to do in the future. Finally, we’re going to double-check that Dada Mail’s cronjob is set correctly, and reset it to be 100% sure.